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Scuba diving
(self-contained underwater breathing apparatus)

Scuba diving is an underwater activity.
Using breathing devices we can discover and admire the underwater magic of the sea safely, observing it by following a few simple rules, which are very easy to become a habit with the proper guidance of a certified diving instructor.
Your training at a diving school is absolutely necessary to give you the knowledge and confidence that you need.

•    Is it dangerous?
Any activity that isn’t done in a responsible way is dangerous! Diving with proper education and training can be the safest and most enjoyable hobbies you have ever experienced!

•    What is necessary to become a Scuba Diver?

- First of all nothing is done under pressure. Free will is needed.

- It is for men and women from 8 years and up.

- It is not required to have a particular body type.

•    If there is any health issue can someone dive?
In fact people with disabilities can dive safely (problems that do not allow diving is minimal but it is something which can only be solved by counseling your doctor.)
By enrolling in school, you will be given a questionnaire and you will be required to have a doctor's certificate confirming for the ability of that particular activity.

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