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Toroni is a town southwest of Sithonia peninsula, in the prefecture of Chalkidiki. It is 140 klm away from Thessaloniki.

According to mythology, Toroni was married with Poseidon’s son, Proteus.

In the area, archaeologists have discovered samples from prehistoric settlement. The town was formed by immigrants coming from Chalkida in the eighth century B.C. Soon enough it was considered one of the most important cities, not only in Sithonia but throughout Chalkidiki. It was active during the Persian and Peloponnesean war.

In 480 B.C., the town helped Persians during Xerxes expedition against Greece, and a few years later it became member of the first Athenian alliance.

During the Peloponnesean war, according to Thucydides, Toroni had become battlefield between Atheneans and Spartans.

toroniIn 348 B.C., it was under Philippos’ possession, and in 168 B.C. under Roman possession. After that, she lost her importance and became a small settlement only to be destroyed during enemy attacks in the sixth and fifteenth century. In the 15th century, the residents due to pirate invasions abandoned Toroni and moved to a town nearby, called Sykia. In the Byzantine years, the area belonged to Mount Athos monasteries. Today, we find remains and walls of the old town in Vigla.

Toroni’s port is situated east of Likythos, a small cape which is 13 meters above the surface of the sea, in the north of the old town. The old remains near the sea make its position there more possible. Likythos, which was inhabited from the early bronze age until 17th century A.D., was considered to be an important part of the history of the town. It is connected with Toroni with a narrow isthmus, which during the old eras it was proven to be wider, according to underwater investigation.

Toroni’s monuments are Likythos’ castle and the Early Christian church of Saint Athanasios, which is basilica of the 5th century A.D.. The church was destroyed by fire in the 6th century A.D., and a new smaller church was built in its place.

Modern Times Toroni

Toroni’s beach is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches of Greece. The crystal blue waters of Toroni’s bay invite you to come over and have the most wonderful vacation of your life. Toroni is a modern small town with hotels, taverns, restaurants, fast food places, beach bars, cafes, and everything a family or any visitor may need. You can enjoy hiking excursions, mountain climbing, biking, and of course the underwater magic of diving.

Toroni has the most wonderful scenery, picturesque little harbors, gold sand beaches, and isolated little bays. You can enjoy unique beaches with the perfect combination of green and blue, as pine trees meet with sea waves. When you visit Toroni, you will discover that each place you meet, is so different from the rest and so unique!!



Time in Greece is according to GMT +2.


Climate is Mediterranean with summer temperatures from 22c to 40c and sea temperature 22c to 26c in surface.

Spring is from March - May, Summer is from June - August, Autumn is from September - November, Winter is from December –February


The official language is Greek.

Greece is a cosmopolitan European country with millions of tourist visitors each year. So you should have no trouble communicating.


Power supply

Power supply in Greece is 220 volts with 2-pin wall sockets.


For any European country which uses 240 volts, for example UK and Ireland, most electrical devices will operate normally. If you plan to use UKs electrical connectors, you will need an electric plug adapter, which will convert the standard 3-pin plug to this 2-pin. For USA devices, where the power supply is 110 volts, you will need a transformer which will reduce the voltage up to 110 volts. Perhaps there is a fault in your 110 volts electrical device, if you try to use it in the power supply of 220 volts.


Phone calls

To dial a number in Greece from a country outside of Greece you should first enter the +30 and then the desired number.

Fixed phones start with the number (2) and the cell phones (69).


The number 112 is the European emergency number



Greece uses the Euro as its currency.

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